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Create a Free Car For Sale Flyer!

We have all done it...

Gone out and purchased a for sale sign to stick in the window of the auto we are trying to sell. We grab a magic marker and write our phone number as large as possible within the little white box that is provided. We then try to squeeze in the price we are selling our vehicle for, and seem to run out of room; but there is so much more we want to say.

The normal solution...

Grab a piece of paper and write down the selling points of your car or truck and tape it near the for sale sign.

Well, we have made the process a lot simpler.

When you create your auto classified with us you will have to option of printing out a full color flyer of your vehicle featuring a photo of your car, truck, SUV or van as well as all of the options you have chosen. We even give you place to put a free form description of your vehicle which you can use to explain the selling points of your vehicle, along with the other elements of the flyer we display your phone number, your vehicle’s mileage and price; nearly making the “for sale sign” obsolete; but you cannot beat the bright red sign that says “FOR SALE” on it.

Spread the word locally...

Our for sale flyer can also be used to post your ad at your local grocery store, community center, college, workplace or anywhere people gather in numbers. The best part of our auto flyer is that it comes with a free online classified, get started today by choosing to sell your vehicle with us.

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