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Advertise Your Used Car

When describing your vehicle be sure to use clear and concise sentences. Spelling and punctuation are important as the language you use to describe your vehicle can be interpreted by prospective buyers as to whether “You” are the type of owner they would like to buy a car from.

When creating an ad for your vehicle skip any gimmicky phrases (we’ll save those for the car dealers) and stick to words that buyers will respond to such as super clean, low mileage, one owner, great gas mileage, regular maintenance, service records available, etc. If your used car has any special features such as a car alarm, custom stereo, tinted windows, etc.. let people know about them in your ad! Keep in mind that potential buyers are probably looking at several ads at the same time so try to make your ad stand out from the crowd without being too flashy.

used car classified There are fantastic places to list your vehicle online which are completely free. One is The Craig’s list web site allows you to place free classified ads for numerous products and are one of the internet’s most visited websites. While craigslist has certain limitations due to not specializing in used car sales it is still an excellent free service that can get your used car or truck some great exposure locally.

Once you have placed your online advertisement you may want to consider placing an ad in a local newspaper or periodical. If you choose to create a text ad in your local paper be sure to reference your online ad here at so that prospective buyers can read a detailed description of your car for sale as well as see up to 19 high resolution images of your vehicle.

"The more opportunities for potential buyers to find your car the better!"

FSBO Car Sales also offers you the option to print out a free full color flyer of your vehicle for sale. You can place your car for sale flyer on your car, in your office or at your local grocery store to get great local exposure for the vehicle you are selling.

An often overlooked method of selling your car is word of mouth. Let your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors know that you have a vehicle for sale. That’s right I have personally sold a vehicle to my next door neighbor, and 3 cars to friends and family members, and a truck to a co-worker of my brother. You might say to yourself, “that sure is a lot of cars”; and you would be right, I have personally owned over 35 cars in my lifetime, so I have a little experience in selling them.

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