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After You Have Sold Your Used Car

Sometimes the lenders get it wrong. You may have sold your vehicle to a private party and yet the lender will send you the title to your vehicle weeks later. To ensure the title gets transferred correctly, ensure that you have the buyerís contact information so you can forward the title to them if this happens to you.

When should I cancel my car insurance? Well this is a good question actually. As a general rule I wait around a week after the sale before I cancel the policy on the vehicle. I must remind you that I am not an attorney so I canít give you legal advice but if you have any concerns about when you should discontinue your insurance policy; contact your insurance company, or a legal advisor.

Congratulations! You have successful sold your vehicle outright to the satisfaction of you and your buyer. All of the effort has paid off and you are probably thousands of dollars ahead vs. trading it in and you didnít have to deal with a pushy salesman! - Priceless

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