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Preparing Your Used Car to Sell

Make an investment into having your car detailed or take the time to clean your vehicle. A sharp and clean vehicle can make all the difference in making that first great impression for potential car buyers. Showing your car in pristine shape will vastly improve your chances of closing the deal and getting your asking price.

You may want to consider a few extra preparations that can only make your vehicle even more attractive to potential buyers. Include any minor repairs, and a fresh oil change. A new set of tires is always and attractive selling point, but not necessary as you can shine up those wheels and tires with a couple products from your local automotive store.

Along with readying your vehicle for sale, hunting down and collecting all of your vehicle’s maintenance records can help convince the buyer the car was well cared for. Having this information shows that you took care of your car and is physical proof that the car has been well maintained; a big plus when the prospective buyer is interested in your vehicle as it will be a good indicator of the cars potential longevity.

Along with your documentation you may also want to include a vehicle history report. Vehicle history reports can reassure prospective buyers by showing that your vehicle has never been in an accident and that the vehicle has not sustained any major damage. Vehicle history reports also display how many people have owned the vehicle. Although a vehicle history report is not a necessity, it can be a very powerful tool to help you sell your vehicle as it builds confidence in a potential buyer.

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