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FSBOCarSales' Privacy Policy

  • What assurances do I have that my information is safe?
    • We protect your personal information from online spam bots by securing your information behind a process that insists upon a human being entering in a series of numbers before your information is made available. In the case of a private party being contacted by a prospective buyer via email your email address is not displayed nor sent to the inquirer. The only time the prospective buyer will have access to your email address is if and when you choose to respond to the buyer using your personal email account.
  • What information does FSBOCarSales receive and how do they use it?
    • We use aggregated data about the use of our services to evaluate our users' preferences, and improve our site. we also use small bits of data called 'session cookies' stored on your computer to simulate a continuous connection. Session Cookies "remember" information about your page position through out our site and allow you to move within our site pages without reintroducing yourself, our cookies are used solely for the purpose of navigation. Recent versions of Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft browsers let you easily see and control cookies.
  • May I choose what information I disclose?
    • While we need certain information to provide our service and let you access personalized services, such as those in our ‘member's area’, other requested information is optional and may be given at your discretion. All information you disclose is protected by FSBOCarSales and will not be released to outside sources. {period}
  • May I choose what communications I receive?
    • We occasionally send out an email newsletter to FSBOCarSales members to highlight features of our service. You can elect not to receive communications from us, by emailing us to that effect or within your account's main page.
  • What kind of security is used to protect my information?
    • We store all user information in secure databases which are off-site.
  • Who has access to my information?
    • We do not share personally identifiable data with other companies, or any other third party. All information obtained by FSBOCarSales is kept in a secure database.
  • What about children's information?
    • Children may not register for FSBOCarSales services that require personally identifiable information. For questions about privacy or other issues at FSBOCarSales please email our Privacy department.
  • Who can I contact if I have any questions regarding my privacy?
    • Please contact us Here with any questions or comments.