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Hatchback is a term designating an automobile design, containing a passenger cabin with an integrated cargo space, accessed from behind the vehicle by a single, top-hinged tailgate or large flip-up window. The vehicle must have at least two rows of seats, with the rear seat able to fold down to increase cargo space. Hatchback vehicles are functionally similar to station wagons (which are intended to carry large volumes), but distinguished by a (much) smaller load area. Alternatively, cars with a longer rear end need a much more slanted rear window, a style also known as a liftback. Liftbacks are sedan-size cars with a fastback profile and a hatchback-type tailgate. The tailgate is also referred to as the hatch. Hatchbacks are often described as three-door (two entry doors and the hatch) or five-door (four entry doors and the hatch) cars. In Europe, city cars, superminis, and small family cars are usually always hatchbacks.

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