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A truck is a large vehicle used for transporting bulk goods, materials, or equipment. The word "truck" comes from the Greek ‘trochos’, meaning wheel. When the gasoline-engine driven trucks came into fashion, these were called motor trucks. Lorry is a term from the UK, but is only used for the medium and heavy types, i.e. a van, a pickup or a Jeep would never be regarded as a ‘lorry’. Almost all trucks share a common construction: they are made of a chassis, a cab, an area for placing cargo or equipment, axles, suspension and wheels, an engine and a drivetrain. In Australia and New Zealand a small vehicle with an open back is called a ute (short for utility vehicle) or a pick-up and the word ‘truck’ is reserved for larger vehicles. In most countries, a special driver's license is required to drive any type of truck greater than 10,000 lbs.

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FSBO Car provides clear and concise truck classified listings that you’re interested in with lightning speed. With advanced features such as the ability to search using multiple options, you will be able to find the perfect used truck quickly and at the right price! Because our service is completely FREE, our truck listings grows everyday. Our comprehensive database of truck classifieds from across the United States and Canada makes it easy to compare models and prices. Browse through thousands of used truck listings and connect with truck sellers from across the country, saving you time and money. With dozens of truck manufacturers and models to choose from like a Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F150, or a Toyota Tundra; finding and purchasing a used truck online has never been simpler!

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