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Parent Company:Toyota Motor Corporation
Automobile Maker:1988-1992
Daihatsu - Toyota Motor Corporation
Daihatsu Company Description:

The name "Daihatsu" is a combination of the first kanji for Osaka and the first of the word "engine manufacture"; when put together they are pronounced "dai hatsu". Founded in 1907 as Hatsudoki Seizo Co., Ltd. and then was later renamed Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. in 1951. Daihatsu's cars are enjoyable and fun to drive & are always convenient and save space. From a global perspective, the biggest thing that these smaller cars have going for them is the much reduced burden they impose on a world threatened by environmental disaster. Daihatsu has invested a lot of effort into making sure that its compact vehicles save fuel and resources, emit fewer pollutants and are easier to recycle. Daihatsu's environmental standards are high and the company is committed to ongoing improvements.