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De Tomaso:
Parent Company:De Tomaso Modena
Automobile Maker:1959-2009
De Tomaso - De Tomaso Modena
De Tomaso Company Description:

After fourty years, nowadays De Tomaso factory is still the place where Alejandro's ideas are carried out. While the car industry is continuously changing, in Viale Virgilio plant automobiles are really dream objects, since the thrill of high speed has always been charming. That is the reason why De Tomaso is regarded as the oldest remaining independent exotic carmaker in Italy. Without any doubt, De Tomaso stood and goes on standing tall in the idea department. "Guarą" is an authentic De Tomaso vehicle, and the only limit to its style, technique and speed is determined by history. As a matter of fact, the future is stricly related to the present, that in its turn, is the product of the past.