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Used Sterling By Owner

Parent Company:MG Rover Group
Automobile Maker:1988-1991
Sterling - MG Rover Group
Sterling Company Description:

The Sterling, another failed engineering feat of the eighties, was branded an American car, however produced in the United Kingdom at the Rover Company. The only Sterling model that was sold was the 800 series, which was a re-badged Rover 800-series but with different specifications developed exclusively for the American market. The model was unpopular due to its alleged poor build quality (compared to other US cars) and was discontinued in 1991, although it remained popular in Europe, and was kept in production until 1998, when it was replaced by the Rover 75. Ironically, the Honda Acura Legend, a car that was very similar and in fact made in essence with the Sterling, however, under the watchful eye of the Japanese, sold very well.